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  • VISIONS / a new exhibition by Dan St. Andrei at Brancoveanu Palace Museum

    Far from speculating the easy effect, the photography signed by Dan St. Andrei overlaps elements of urban imaging instrumentation, managing to play, with great finesse, the complexity of our daily universe.

    Mytopia, the cycle for which I invited him to exhibit at the Palace, takes out of frame unusual networks: many shots, so many ideas, like a splendid neural scan.   

    The dance, surprised in its essential attributes, is displaying generously its dynamics, under the belief that Les mouvements sont toujours libres. Flamboyant and sumptuous, the orange is flowing in cascade from frame to frame, creating a domino effect, in which the ethereal plays its part.

    The light drizzled by clouds from Landscapes of my life, bring about the reiteration of his travels, placed in an area and in indeterminate space,  although we know the photos are made in Miami, Lisbon, Paris, Venice and Bucharest. Each image of this cycle is a bit of grace, deftly caught with one eye firmly trained and audibly.   

    His discrete, yet inquisitive Windows are just an other filters, by which Dan St. Andrei compels us to perceive his own reality, which has nothing terrible, as though he would have cut and kept only the light behind them.   Aujourd'hui c'est la dernière fois is a style exercise, recalls the long afternoons of French New Wave films, from our youth spent in proximity of ideas of Jean-Luc Godard and Francois Truffaut.

    There is nothing to do, everything is display, waiting, trailing, hunting the moment, the same way the great directors had done.   

    Visions exhibition is my boldest proposal for the space devoted to temporary exhibitions at the Palace. It's an experiment that I assume aesthetically and which I hope our audience, maybe a little conformist, will validate it.  

    Mădălina Mirea / curator /  may 2015

    Dan St. Andrei
    Dan St. Andrei is a visual artist, photographer and painter. For the moment, based in Bucharest (Romania).

    Dan work across various creative facets but mainly in art photography, graphic design and painting, he always try to be original and unexpected in his approach.

    By mixing all the elements of creativity Dan found new and exciting ways to communicate.