Nostalghia. Moments. Memories. Faded memories. Lonliness. Solitude. Moments of solitude.
It is bliss to have such moments because the only way to become better is to know where you are and where you want to be. And to know where you are and who you are, you have to understand your past events, link memories and emotions. You can only do this by being alone with yourself.
Solitude comes from the Latin word solitudinem, which means "loneliness," but if you have moments of solitude that doesn't necessarily mean you're lonely. The word solitude carries the sense that you're enjoying being alone by choice. Alone on the beach coast of the Ocean.
Dan Artworks are marked by the obsession with the ocean, otherwise the artist spent 7 years on Portuguese beaches, enough time to merge with the states of the great Atlantic.
Solitudinem Atlantico  is a photography project focusing on a wide view of the evolution of scenery. Starting with pristine landscapes to humanity's play with the world. A look at the harmony, growth and desertion of people to their environments.
“There are ships sailing to many ports, but not a single one goes where life is not painful.” ― Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet
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